X- Mini KAI XAM11 Capsule Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

When you are not motivated or inspired to do anything, just put on the music from your X-Mini KAI and you will be surprised to hear incredibly pleasing sound from a mini capsule speaker which is enough to fill your room. That’s exactly how X-Mini intended to drive you to the world of music to please you.

Key Features

  • Improved 40mm driver
  • Bluetooth version 2.1
  • Buddy jack of 3.5mm for wired music
  • Built-in microphone for hassle free calls

Get Better Listening Experience with 40mm Driver

Most of the previous Bluetooth X-Mini speakers came with 36 mm drivers but this time X-Mini KAI comes with improved 40mm drivers to give you more powerful and pleasing music. It is ready to rock you with surround sound anywhere.

Buddy up Your X-mini with Your Friend’s to Enhance the Loudness

The Bluetooth version 2.1 is a little outdated however; there is no lacking in functionality to deliver you the best sound quality. Pairing of this device with other Bluetooth device is very simple. You can use this speaker as a dongle and buddy up all X-Mini speakers of your friends to enhance the loudness of music with stowaway 3.5mm jack.


Take Calls Anytime, Anywhere

The built-in microphone of this Bluetooth speaker enables you to take calls or make calls. Surprisingly, you can hear ultra clear voice of the other end. Simply plug in your Smartphone to charge while you can listen to music non-stop and take calls without any hassles with this Bluetooth speaker. Alternatively, a 3.5mm jack is included for listening to music with wired devices such as tablets, smartphones, etc. and so you will not have time for getting bored with your work.

Charge up Your Battery for an Hour and Keep Rocking with Music

Battery life of this speaker is 4 hours of non-stop music via Bluetooth but if you listen to music with a 3.5mm jack from other source, it delivers 8 hours of non-stop music and playing games. As we know, battery life is not great but it is decent enough to entertain you at least for 4 hours. When your battery is drained, it is very quick to get it fully charged within an hour.

Concluding Thoughts

The X-Mini KAI Capsule Bluetooth Speaker is one of the best speakers of this price range. It is very comfortable to take it with you everywhere due to its small and compact size. Overall, I am very pleased to own this speaker for the incredible sound quality it delivers and would recommend it to friends who are looking for Mini Bluetooth speakers.

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