Some Things Cool About The Magicbox DNight Bluetooth Speaker


One low priced portable Bluetooth that has got the class as well as the sonic quality; it comes as a boon to many music lovers without having to burn a hole in their pocket. The Dnight Magicbox does sport a very cool look with its finely crafted diamond shapes on the surface. And let me tell you, the technology may not be the latest version but it is pretty up to the mark with a distinct sound quality. And what’s more, it comes in three exciting colors, blue, black and red.


Its light weight structure (8.3 ounces) makes it very handy to carry around when on wild exploits to trying landscapes. I just love trekking through unpredictable paths and so am I obsessed with music; I just got to have it anywhere I go. Measures a mere 2 inch width, 1.6 inch height and the 6 inch length gives it a cool sleekness, something you can nicely fit in your travel bag without worrying about the space and the weight either.

An Apt Outdoor Device

As far as functionality is concerned, the Magicbox is quick and responsive as a magic performance, easy and prompt to every press of a button; coming alive with sound sonic quality. When outdoors the clear sound is neither harsh and distorting nor fading into air, but booms with a clear bass; one of the reasons I have grown to love the gadget more and more. One interesting thing I discovered at some point was that the speaker actually booms with a significantly better bass when I set or stand it on its sides rather than the base (setting its actual base to be its side). So go on knock it over, experience an enhanced bass and of course the silicon covering will protect the speaker from slightest scratches and falls. But of course it is not advisable to knock it into water, it is not waterproof.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Everybody would appreciate the prompt connectivity whether outdoors or indoors. It covers room to room distance about 30 feet, and when you want to switch to the song you are palying, you need not run back to the speaker and scuffle through your whole list of songs. Or better still, you need not scuffle in your bag for the speaker, just give slide on your phone to choose your favorite song and let it play you on. The Bluetooth version is 3.0 and is compatible with any device that has 2.1 Bluetooth version and above. And wary not if no Bluetooth is functional in your device, you can connect it using the 3.5 audio jack. Moreover it has a card slot where you can store enough songs to play too especially when your phone battery happens to die out on you.

Hands Free Calls

The Magicbox even has speakerphones that allows you to connect voice output through the speaker, making it literally possible to have call or Skype conversations. So once I pair my phone to DNight, I am all set for my whole adventure and especially when I am driving, it just takes me one press of the button to attend my calls; important calls, home calls, fun calls from friends.

Battery Life

This small Magicbox has a battery as big as 1000 mAh that can last up to 10 hours playtime and 3 hours at full volume. It may not last you as much if you are plan a rocking party at your campsite, but you also do have the charging cables to rely on.

Concluding Note

The DKnight Magicbox Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is one of the most worthwhile gadgets I have invested in so far. It has amazingly good audio for a price as such. Many a music lover will find a handy Bluetooth speaker but very few will actually make a fashion statement like this one. Here is a technology where cool looks meet good quality sound.

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