First Time Realsense Camera in Dell Venue8 7000 Tablet

Are you looking for the thinnest tablet? Well, Dell Venue8 7000 at 6mm is one of the thinnest tablet ever made by tablet manufacturers. Look no further because Dell Venue8 7000 is not only rich in features but also looks very attractive. All tablets have common features in all but Dell has something unique, which others don’t provide.

How Thin is Dell Venue8 7000?

Dell Venue8 7000 is as thin as 6mm with many interesting features. It is thinner than Apple Ipad Air 3 by 1mm. The back of the tablet has a Dell logo. It also comes with 2MP front facing camera with a front speaker. It does not have any bezels on the sides except one big bezel at the bottom of the tablet.

What is Dell Gallery?

One of the best features of this tablet is the Dell Gallery, which allows you to sync photos and pictures with Picasa, Dropbox or Facebook accounts. You can make this gallery a collection center of your photos. You can view or sort by date and location of your pictures captured. It is quite user friendly and easy to navigate and access through various options available. As this tablet runs on the latest Lolipop 5.0, the performance is quite smooth.

What is so Exciting About Realsense Camera?

Dell is introducing Realsense Camera for the first time in tablets. It has three cameras at the back and all the three cameras work together while capturing photos to get a detailed picture, allowing you to adjust the focal points of your picture after shot. In order to operate the Realsense camera, you have to open the app in the normal camera and when you press at the big shutter button, you will find many useful options to click the photo. Once you take a shot, it is all saved in Dell Gallery and you can do editing at ease in your leisure time. In fact, it is very interesting to have this feature for various editing possibilities you won’t find in others.

Close Up

Among the high-end tablets, Dell Venue is one of the best for the features that we don’t get in others. If you have the passion for photography, there are no other tablets better than this with multiple editing options. Remember, whenever you take a photo, three cameras work together to give you better result each time and you will find all these in Dell Gallery for later editing. This is a nice travel gadget too, I carry along with 2017 best head shaver from Braun every time I travel.

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