Fashionable X-mini ME Thumbsize Smartphone Speaker


Music lovers around the world are fond of buying highly fashionable, good sounding speakers that will satisfy their taste for music. The present market has all the latest and the most innovative audio systems and speakers that meets the demands of this generation.

The Xmi Pte Ltd is one of the famous award winning company that excels in creating excellent portable mini speakers and Bluetooth speakers for your Smartphone, tablet and other devices.

The XAM16-GM-B ME Thumbsize Speaker is one of their best productions. It’s one of the highly demanded, frequently opted Smartphone speakers in the world.

Interesting Features about X-mini ME Speaker

The X-mini ME speaker is extremely small in size and lightweight in design. It measures about 44mm in height and 38mm in diameter. It weighs about 44grams only. This makes the speaker ultra portable and convenient for carrying anywhere you go. It can be in the kitchen cooking your favourite dishes, outdoor where you are camping and cooking at your favourite destination or in your car.

It comes with a beautiful lanyard around the metal bar, this gives you the comfort for hanging or carrying the speaker around your waste or carry bag whenever you wanted to walk hands freely.

The size and the quality of the sound it delivers are beyond comparison. Though it may look very small and tiny yet, it’s highly powerful and loud enough to entertain group of people sitting around you. The stereo and bass sounds are well balanced.

One of the best features about ME model speaker is the battery life. On this speaker you can comfortably listen to your favorite music for about six hours. It has 230mAh battery capacity. If you want to recharge the battery you can use the Micro USB cable. It will hardly take one and half hour or so to get fully charged.


This fashionable Smartphone speaker is also compatible with other devices such as Amazon’s Fire HDX 8.9 Tablet, laptops and Microsoft Xbox 360 Game Console. If you have a collection of good music in your laptop or tablet you can easily play and listen to it with the support of this speaker.

X-mini ME Thumbsize Speaker is magnetically shielded with 31mm.

The X-mini ME ultra portable capsule shape speaker is available in four different colors of your choice, such as Pink, Yellow, Blue and Gunmetal. You can choose your choice of color when you place your orders for it.

Listening music with X-mini ME Thumbsize Speaker is pleasurable and fashionable. Every lovers of music should experience the comfort, joy and happiness of listening music from such a tiny yet so powerful and great sounding speaker.

This fashion portable Smartphone speaker is worth investing if you are a fashionable music fan. Get the feel of it and see if it’s worth buying.

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