X- Mini KAI XAM11 Capsule Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

When you are not motivated or inspired to do anything, just put on the music from your X-Mini KAI and you will be surprised to hear incredibly pleasing sound from a mini capsule speaker which is enough to fill your room. That’s exactly how X-Mini intended to drive you to the world of music to please you.

Key Features

  • Improved 40mm driver
  • Bluetooth version 2.1
  • Buddy jack of 3.5mm for wired music
  • Built-in microphone for hassle free calls

Get Better Listening Experience with 40mm Driver

Most of the previous Bluetooth X-Mini speakers came with 36 mm drivers but this time X-Mini KAI comes with improved 40mm drivers to give you more powerful and pleasing music. It is ready to rock you with surround sound anywhere.

Buddy up Your X-mini with Your Friend’s to Enhance the Loudness

The Bluetooth version 2.1 is a little outdated however; there is no lacking in functionality to deliver you the best sound quality. Pairing of this device with other Bluetooth device is very simple. You can use this speaker as a dongle and buddy up all X-Mini speakers of your friends to enhance the loudness of music with stowaway 3.5mm jack.


Take Calls Anytime, Anywhere

The built-in microphone of this Bluetooth speaker enables you to take calls or make calls. Surprisingly, you can hear ultra clear voice of the other end. Simply plug in your Smartphone to charge while you can listen to music non-stop and take calls without any hassles with this Bluetooth speaker. Alternatively, a 3.5mm jack is included for listening to music with wired devices such as tablets, smartphones, etc. and so you will not have time for getting bored with your work.

Charge up Your Battery for an Hour and Keep Rocking with Music

Battery life of this speaker is 4 hours of non-stop music via Bluetooth but if you listen to music with a 3.5mm jack from other source, it delivers 8 hours of non-stop music and playing games. As we know, battery life is not great but it is decent enough to entertain you at least for 4 hours. When your battery is drained, it is very quick to get it fully charged within an hour.

Concluding Thoughts

The X-Mini KAI Capsule Bluetooth Speaker is one of the best speakers of this price range. It is very comfortable to take it with you everywhere due to its small and compact size. Overall, I am very pleased to own this speaker for the incredible sound quality it delivers and would recommend it to friends who are looking for Mini Bluetooth speakers.

First Time Realsense Camera in Dell Venue8 7000 Tablet

Are you looking for the thinnest tablet? Well, Dell Venue8 7000 at 6mm is one of the thinnest tablet ever made by tablet manufacturers. Look no further because Dell Venue8 7000 is not only rich in features but also looks very attractive. All tablets have common features in all but Dell has something unique, which others don’t provide.

How Thin is Dell Venue8 7000?

Dell Venue8 7000 is as thin as 6mm with many interesting features. It is thinner than Apple Ipad Air 3 by 1mm. The back of the tablet has a Dell logo. It also comes with 2MP front facing camera with a front speaker. It does not have any bezels on the sides except one big bezel at the bottom of the tablet.

What is Dell Gallery?

One of the best features of this tablet is the Dell Gallery, which allows you to sync photos and pictures with Picasa, Dropbox or Facebook accounts. You can make this gallery a collection center of your photos. You can view or sort by date and location of your pictures captured. It is quite user friendly and easy to navigate and access through various options available. As this tablet runs on the latest Lolipop 5.0, the performance is quite smooth.

What is so Exciting About Realsense Camera?

Dell is introducing Realsense Camera for the first time in tablets. It has three cameras at the back and all the three cameras work together while capturing photos to get a detailed picture, allowing you to adjust the focal points of your picture after shot. In order to operate the Realsense camera, you have to open the app in the normal camera and when you press at the big shutter button, you will find many useful options to click the photo. Once you take a shot, it is all saved in Dell Gallery and you can do editing at ease in your leisure time. In fact, it is very interesting to have this feature for various editing possibilities you won’t find in others.

Close Up

Among the high-end tablets, Dell Venue is one of the best for the features that we don’t get in others. If you have the passion for photography, there are no other tablets better than this with multiple editing options. Remember, whenever you take a photo, three cameras work together to give you better result each time and you will find all these in Dell Gallery for later editing. This is a nice travel gadget too, I carry along with 2017 best head shaver from Braun every time I travel.

Amazon’s Most Powerful Tablet – Fire HDX 8.9

With the introduction of tablet, life is getting pretty easier and much more convenient in doing various things.

Amazon has produced varieties of tablet however, Fire HDX 8.9 is unique and the most powerful tablet they have ever created. Among the list of other brands and models, Amazon’s Fire HDX 8.9 is one of the most reliable, popular and opted tablet in the world.


What makes Fire HDX 8.9 so Famous and Powerful?

The Amazon’s Fire HDX 8.9inch tablet has the highest resolution with 2560 x 1600 and the best pixel density with 339 ppi. The HDX display features over 4 million pixels for vivid and lifelike images. This offers an incredible multimedia experience for every user. You will truly enjoy doing all kinds of things without staining your eyes.

In comparison with their previous models such as the Fire HD 6 & 7, and Kindle Fire HDX the battery life of the Fire HDX 8.9 is the best. It will last for about 12 hours which is excellent for doing various things on this tablet. Listen to music, watch movies or play games uninterruptedly.

One of the newest things about this tablet is the audio system. This model is fully equipped with Dolby Atmos audio technology. It has dual stereo speakers with built in microphone. Experience the pleasure of listening music from a high quality sound system.

Amazon’s Fire HDX 8.9 model has Quad core 2.5GHz processor. This gives you the comfort and efficiency to perform various functions simultaneously without any inconveniences and trouble.

It has the capacity for 16 GB internal storages which is even expandable up to 32 and 64GB if you have the requirement for the same. But, Amazon offers free unlimited cloud storage for Amazon content. So you may not have the requirement for external storage or to increase the storage capacity.

Another feature that attracted most of the users is the Camera. The Fire HDX 8.9 tablet has the facility for both rear-facing and front-facing cameras.

The 8MP rear-facing camera allows you to take high resolution photos and record 1080p High Definition videos with full clarity and best printing result. It also has 720p HD front-facing camera, which is excellent for taking good pictures of yours and sharing it to your friends on Facebook or while chatting over the Skype.

When you compare with the old models of Amazon’s tablet, the price of this tablet seems to be a little higher. However, if you are to compare with other brands and models the price of Amazon HDX 8.9 tablet is worth paying, reasonable & fabulous. Don’t miss the opportunity for the special offers.

Technical Specifications of Amazon’s Fire HDX 8.9 Tablet

  • The dimensions of this tablet would be 9.1inches x 6.2 inches x 0.3 inches
  • The weight of this tablet is about 13.2 ounces
  • The Wi-Fi connection with 802.11AC with MIMO+HT80. Dual band and dual antenna.
  • The screen size of Fire HDX tablet is 8.9 inches.

With Fire HDX 8.9 tablet in your hand you can do a lot of things such as watch movies, browsing, online chatting, play games by connecting it to any game console for e.g. Xbox 360, PS3 or listen to your favorite music with the support of the wireless smartphone speaker.

If you are looking for a comfortable and powerful tablet for your personal use, I would highly recommend you to check out Amazon’s Fire HDX 8.9 model.I have been using this particular model for the past few months, and I find it very useful and handy. It serves my purposes hope it will meet your expectations as well.

Another popular device from Amazon is (2015) Kindle Paperwhite if reading books is your priority. You can read books from this device like paper print without any glare or eye strain because of the E-Ink technology.  But, Kindle Paperwhite is not a Table and only available in grayscale.