Microsoft High Performing Video Game Console Xbox 360

Just as the saying goes “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

In this hectic and fast moving world, how important it is to take a break from work and get involved with some kind of games or entertainment. This will refresh your mind & body, and help you do your work more effectively.

Microsoft have introduced new game console called the Xbox 360. For all those who love playing video games or people who are fond of console, it’s a good news.

What’s New and So Tempting about Xbox 360 Console?

The Xbox 360 is a unique game console built in with 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity. Connecting with other compatible devices is easy and faster. This console is also compatible with Wi-Fi 802.11 b and g networks. Therefore, with Xbox 360 you will not face the problem of connection.

The Xbox Live gives you an access to a world of entertainment. Therefore you can comfortably play thousands of games, listen to different genres of music, watch sports and enjoy your favorite movies or television shows at your convenience.

You will have an access to your favorite apps such as, YouTube, Netflix, Crackle, Amazon instant video, Twitch and Hulu plus on your Xbox 360. Using these apps you can play, listen, watch or chat with your friends.

One of the best features of this console is the battery life. You can comfortably use for about 30 hours on two AA batteries.

The Xbox 360 has the capacity for 4GB internal storage. This gives you the freedom to store number of games, music, television shows, movies, photos, level and trailers etc.

With Nike + Kinect training features you have the control over your fitness. You will enjoy and experience the freedom to personal training at home with Xbox 360.

You can easily download video games, music, TV shows, HD movies, sports and lots more from Xbox Live and enjoy entertaining experience with your friends.

The new Xbox 360 console has a wireless controller. With Kinect, you become the controller. You can control music, movies, games and TV with your voice. There are no limits to entertainment.

This console comes with one month Xbox LIVE Gold Membership absolutely free. You will also get special offers and exclusive discounts and receive free video games as a benefit of being a member of Xbox Gold.

With Xbox SmartGlass, you can explore the web world on your TV screen using the internet explorer. Use the Xbox SmartGlass on your tablet and Smartphone to enhance the entertainment experience.

Enjoy listening to your most favorite music and songs on your TV screen, tablet and Smartphone after connecting with this device.

With Xbox 360 you can listen high quality music with the help of the inbuilt stereo connector. The sound quality is fantastic and pleasing to your ears.

The connectivity range is about 30 feet, which is excellent for connecting with any compatible devices.

The Xbox 360 has the ability to wirelessly switch off the console, or to open and close the tray conveniently.

For games and entertainments the Microsoft Model No. Xbox 360 is one of the best and the most valuable consoles that are available in the present market. The price, features and the performance of this device are worth considering, if you are looking for an excellent game console.